Creating and Managing Sales Orders

Sales Orders can be created to manage transfers and invoice customers. This can be done on the web under Sales > Sales Orders.

Pro Tips:

  • Create transfers and manifests from a sales order to reduce the number of steps needing to be created

Steps: From the web application

1. Go to Sales > Sales Orders > Create Order

2. Begin typing in the search bar on the left to find an existing customer, or create a new customer. You can also create new customers by going to Sales > Customers to use here in the future

3. Search products by typing in the top-middle of the order for existing products to be added to the sales order. Once added, you can edit pricing, quantity and units. The quantity available will be displayed below the item once added. A section below the item will be available to add packages that align with the item selected.

4. Add the delivery date, payment date and any internal notes, like payment terms

5. Click on Discounts at the bottom of the sales order to add discounts. The reason for adding a discount is required but is not displayed on the order itself. You can enter N/A if there is no discount reason in order to add the discount to the order.

6. Click on Tax Rate to edit the cultivation tax rate

7. Click Create to save the Sales Order

Once created, you can click on the Sales Order number to print invoices, record payment and create transfer manifests.

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