Creating a Draft Transfer in Canix

Go to Transfers and then click on Create a Draft Transfer (highlighted below) 

After clicking on Draft Transfer, you will be prompted to create a draft transfer. On this page, you will get directions on where to go to use the transfer template in Metrc. 





Above are screenshots depicting what you are going to be prompted to enter into Canix before being given access to Add Packages to your Transfer. If you are transferring between internal licenses, you can enter the vehicle as On Prem. You can also select a future date in the Est depart time, just make sure to select the arrival time as an hour after your departure time. The Route option is required so just put something brief into that area. ( For example, the address of the license or something that shows where the plants are being sent. 


As you can see in the screenshot on the left, you are able to view and edit the transfer details, the transporter and you have the option to add packages from the Red + Button in the bottom right corner. On the screenshot on the right, you are able to see what options are available upon clicking on the red + button. You can add a transporter if needed, you can add a package, add multiple packages (bulk) or exit. As you can see, there have already been packages added to the example transfer. This gives you a visual so that you can see exactly what it will look like once you add packages. After adding the package(s), you can select Create Draft Transfer in Metrc and then you are ready for the final steps in the process. 




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