Bluetooth Scale Integration

Required hardware for bluetooth scale integration with Canix. Both must be purchased for the bluetooth integration to operate
1. SerialIO Adapter - This is a BlueSnap DB9-M6A dongle that can be found here
2. OHaus Scale - see accepted scales and links to OHaus products below

Supported Scales

Canix’s scale integration currently supports a range of OHaus scales, including:

If you’re interested in using a different scale with Canix, please contact us! We’d love to support more integrations in the future.

The SerialIO Adapter is a dongle that converts these scales to bluetooth and can be found here.

Scale Set up Instructions

  1. Connect the SerialIO Adapter to the RS232 port on the back of the Scale Indicator unit.
  2. Power on the adapter with the little white button on the device. Optional: Connect the adapter to a battery/charger with the included charging cable to make sure the battery doesn’t run out (should last 8 hours or so on a full charge).
  3. Power on the scale and enter the main menu by holding the User/Menu button
  4. Select 7.Communication --> RS232 --> Configuration and make sure your Baud Rate is set to 9600
  5. Select 7.Communication --> RS232 --> Setup and make sure assignment mode is "OH-Continuous" Note: The assignment mode "OH-Continuous" will give you readings faster, but may be disabled in Legal For Trade mode. In that case feel free to use Interval (with 1 second intervals) or Auto On Stable settings.
  6. Ensure that the scale is in Weighing Mode, as seen by the icon on the top-left. 
  7. Open Canix and select “Connect To Scale” in the left-hand menu on the home screen (make sure bluetooth is enabled on your phone). Select the adapter in the list (should be at the top, same ID that’s printed on the side of the adapter).
  8. You should now be able to use Auto-Harvest, and to read scale weights from everywhere else inside the Canix app.

Here is what the screen should be showing on your scale indicator

OHaus Ranger 3000 Set Up

  1. Menu -> Print1 -> A.Print -> CONT (or INTER if that doesn’t work)
  2. Menu -> COM1 -> Baud/Parity/Stop/Handshake/etc
  3. And set that to 9600/8 None/1/None

Harvest Modes in Canix

Individual mode expects a single plant to be weighed at a time, effectively taring the scale after each scan

Note: you can also cut up the plant and lock the weight between weighings, then scan the plant tag once everything is weighed).

Cumulative mode lets you add plants one after another to a bin/platform, and will calculate each individual plant’s weight as you add them to the bin on the scale. 

Note: You can also see these instructions by clicking the (i) icon on the top-right of the Auto-Harvest screen.

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